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Seahawks fan with fantastically self-righteous letter about Cam Newton throwing 12th Man flag

It was only a matter of time before a Seahawks fan said something about Cam Newton tossing the 12th Man flag after the Panthers playoff win.

Following the Carolina Panthers divisional round win over the Seattle Seahawks, Cam Newton ran around the stadium slapping hands with Panthers fans, and generally enjoying himself. At one point, he came across a Seahawks fan with a 12th Man flag. He grabbed it and with a big grin on his face threw it to the ground before moving on.

Naturally, some Seahawks fans are not taking too kindly to this. I think most are focused on the loss itself, but it should surprise nobody that some fans are using it as a chance to point out the glorious nature of their fan base. This letter is floating around Twitter this morning, and the self-righteous nature of it cracks me up to no end.

I think any fan base would be annoyed if they felt disrespected following a loss. I have no doubt that plenty of 49ers fans who think this is hysterical would get plenty pissed if he did something to disrespect the 49ers. That being said, given the self-righteousness of the letter, it is still a fantastic read.