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2016 NFL free agents: Bruce Irvin will take a little less in contract to stay with Seahawks

Bruce Irvin should be a sought after free agent this spring. He is suggesting he will take a little less to remain with the Seattle Seahawks, but it likely won't be a huge difference with a big deal.

The San Francisco 49ers will likely be looking to add some punch to their pass rush this offseason, and one guy that some fans have mentioned is Bruce Irvin. The Seattle Seahawks pass rusher finished up his rookie contract, and will be looking to cash in big this offseason.

Irvin spoke with the Seahawks media on the team's final day after their playoff loss. He met with Seahawks brass as part of the end-of-season exit process. According to reporters on hand, Irvin said Pete Carroll and John Schneider asked if he would be willing to take less money to stay in Seattle. He said he would be willing to take $3M-$5M less in total money (so for total deal, not per year).

Irvin is a solid pass rusher, and there should be some sizable offers on the table if he does not re-sign before free agency begins. The 49ers pass rush currently consists of Aaron Lynch, Ahmad Brooks, Eli Harold, Corey Lemonier, and Ray-Ray Armstrong. They also have Marcus Rush on the practice squad. Brooks is a likely cap casualty candidate. I do think the 49ers will be investing in the position, but I am not sure I see them spending heavy money on the position in free agency. If Harold is a legitimate option for them, I see more rotational options. If they are already not pleased with Harold, then maybe they invest more. I don't expect the latter quite yet.