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Jeremy Maclin may have thrown some shade Chip Kelly in complimenting his replacement

The Philadelphia Eagles fired head coach Chip Kelly shortly before the end of their regular season, and on Monday they formally announced Doug Pederson as the team's next head coach. The former Kansas City Chiefs head coach interviewed early on, and joins the team following the Chiefs playoff elimination by the New England Patriots.

One of his now former wide receivers, Jeremy Maclin, chimed in on the hiring. Maclin signed with the Chiefs after five seasons with the Eagles. There has been plenty of discussion about Chip Kelly's time with the Eagles. We'll have plenty more on it, but while some players were fine with Kelly's process, others were not. When Jeffrey Lurie discussed the decision to fire Kelly, he talked about the next head coach needing to have "emotional intelligence." Clearly there was plenty of drama, and it is something that will remain on the radar heading into Kelly's first season with the 49ers.