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Pete Carroll doesn't know what hit him with Chip Kelly

Someone at the San Francisco 49ers sub-reddit came across this tweet, and for now it's kind of perfect.

But seriously, the hiring of Chip Kelly hopefully means the 49ers can actually get back to competing with the Seattle Seahawks for division titles. As annoying as Seahawks fans can be, and as much as Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman might get on our nerves, having a legit rivalry is one of the things that makes sports so great.

I'm certainly fine with complete domination, but having a rival that brings the best out of a team is a great thing. The 49ers and Seahawks had that when Jim Harbaugh was in town, but they were never going to compete with the Seahawks on a regular basis so long as Jim Tomsula was around.

Chip Kelly could end up being a complete dumpster fire, but I can at least hope that this brings the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry back to a certain degree. It's only been a year departure, but it was a dull year. And so, now we get Chip Kelly vs. Pete Carroll for our entertainment dollars!