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Tom Rathman expected to remain on Chip Kelly coaching staff, per Matt Maiocco

It sounds like the San Francisco 49ers will retain Tom Rathman as their running backs coach. We break down the news, and what it means.

The San Francisco 49ers new coaching staff will potentially include at least one returning name. Matt Maiocco is reporting he is hearing running backs coach Tom Rathman is expected to remain as part of Chip Kelly's coaching staff. There were reports last week that Rathman would meet with Kelly this week.

The hiring of Chip Kelly raises all sorts of questions about how the team will be using running backs in 2016. That being said, Rathman has generally been recognized as good at his job. He certainly benefited from getting to work with Frank Gore, but this past year showed the 49ers can do a good job developing other running backs. Guys like Shaun Draughn and DuJuan Harris were signed mid-season due to Carlos Hyde and Reggie Bush injuries, and both looked really solid in their stints with the team.

Eric Mangini has been mentioned as a potential candidate to return to the 49ers coaching staff, and there has been speculation Jason Tarver might stick around, but other than that, we have not heard a whole lot of much. OL coach Chris Foerster (Dolphins), TE coach Tony Sparano (Vikings), WR coach Adam Henry (Giants), ILB coach Clancy Pendergast (USC) all have departed for other jobs. Remaining assistants that have not departed, as far as we can tell, include:

Geep Chryst, OC
Steve Logan, QB
Ronald Curry, Asst WR
Eric Wolford, Asst OL
D.J. Boldin, Offensive Asst

Eric Mangini, DC
Scott Brown, DL
Jason Tarver, OLB/Senior Defensive Asst
Tim Lewis, DB
Aubrayo Franklin, Defensive Asst
Ejiro Evero, Defensive Asst
Mick Lombardi, Defensive Asst

Thomas McGaughey, ST coordinator
Richard Hightower, ST asst