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NN plan for 2016 NFL Draft prospect scouting reports

The week of the Shrine Game serves as a sort of unofficial kickoff to the NFL Draft process. Mock drafts and team analysis starts well before that, but for purposes of the "draft calendar", this qualifies as the starting point. With that in mind, the time is approaching to put together scouting reports about the many draft prospects out there.

Greg Valerio and Jake Narayan are handling the bulk of our draft preparation over the next three months, but scouting reports are an area where it would be nice to have more hands on deck, so to speak. In the past, I've seen people post fantastic FanPosts breaking down various players, and I thought why not try a little crowd-sourcing for this so we can help everybody?

The way this would work is that anybody who wants to help would let me know in the comments. I would also need you to give me permission to use your email to contact you. Do NOT post your email in the comments, as I can get that from your registration info. The reason for email is that I would get in touch with anybody interested in helping, and we would come up with a list of players we'll cover. Greg and Jake will get first crack to grab a few times, but otherwise it will be first come first serve once I email interested people.

Here is what NN scouting reports have looked like previously. This one is of Ronald Darby. I'm open to suggestions on formatting, but I would like to use a fairly uniform format so people know what information is included in all of them. You would be writing them in the FanPosts, but we would give them a bump onto the front page.

And so, if you're interested in helping out on this project, or have any questions, let me know in the comments.