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49ers release 10 coaches including Tim Lewis, Geep Chryst, Steve Logan

The names that are still seemingly under contract are even more interesting.

The San Francisco 49ers will be announcing a new coaching staff sometime in the next couple days, and it is likely to include Tom Rathman. However, the team has released ten coaches from their contracts, according to Pro Football Talk. The team did not release any of the coaches after firing Jim Tomsula, but as the staff situation becomes more clear, the time has come for folks to look for new jobs. Here are the coaches who were released from their contracts:

Geep Chryst, OC
Steve Logan, QB
Adam Henry, WR
Ronald Curry, WR
T.C. McCartney, Joe Scola - offensive assistants
Tim Lewis, DBs
Scott Brown, DL
Ejiro Evero, Aubrayo Franklin - defensive assistants

I had thought Adam Henry took a job with the New York Giants, but apparently not. What is interesting to note however is who is not on this list. A handful of coaches that are reportedly under consideration, as well as a couple who had not been mentioned yet, appear to still be under contract:

Tom Rathman, RB
Eric Wolford, OL assistant
D.J. Boldin - Offensive assistant
Eric Mangini - DC
Jason Tarver - OLB/Senior defensive assistant
Mick Lombardi - Defensive assistant
Thomas McGaughey - ST Coordinator
Richard Hightower - ST assistant