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Mike Martz, 49ers offensive coordinator candidate?

The San Francisco 49ers wrap up their 2015 season on Sunday, when they host the St. Louis Rams. Once that game concludes, the focus immediately shifts to the 2016 season, and how to rectify the many problems of this past season.

One of the biggest areas of concern is the offense. The unit dealt with injuries and roster turnover, but there were numerous issues that seemed to go beyond just roster turnover. The team showed some signs of life late in the season, but there was zero consistency, and the unit seems to be doing its best just to tread water.

Given all the issues, it is no surprise Geep Chryst is a strong candidate to be replaced this offseason. The question then becomes who will replace him. Given the struggles, there is some concern as to what kind of coach the 49ers could add outside the organization. One name to keep an eye on is Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell. However, another name that has not been mentioned, but might be worth having on our radar is former 49ers offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

This has nothing to do with looking specifically at scheme and personnel fits. Rather, it's based off an interview Martz conducted with 95.7 The Game a week after Jim Tomsula was promoted to head coach (pointed out by a Twitter follower). Martz was asked about the idea of being Jim Tomsula's offensive coordinator. He was specifically asked what his answer would be if Jim Tomsula called him and asked him to be OC.

I would be interested in getting Jim's coffee. I think the world of Jim and his family. If he wants me to come and pass out papers, napkins, or drive him to work and back, I would. I think the world of him. I think he's a wonderful man.

I tell you what. There's a few jobs I could get really excited about getting back in it. Needless to say, my time at the 49ers, I loved it there. It was too short, it's a great organization, they treated me  very well. Just one of those things that didn't work.

Technically he does not actually say he would be his OC, but clearly he really likes Jim Tomsula. Of course, this obviously does not mean he feels the same a year later, or Tomsula (and/or Baalke) would want him as the 49ers offensive coordinator. And obviously the 49ers do still have an offensive coordinator. But, given the questions about if the 49ers would be able to actually hire anybody externally if they fire Chryst, maybe Martz could be that guy.