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Anthony Davis says he did not retire to avoid playing for Jim Tomsula

Semi, sort of former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis has been vocal in recent weeks as the team wrapped up their coaching search. He has repeatedly stated he will be back, and he has also answered questions about a variety of topics related to the coaching search, and past coaches.

On Wednesday, someone finally got around to asking him if he retired to avoid playing for Jim Tomsula. Davis was pretty straight forward with his response. You can follow Davis' Twitter feed here, but I am screen-shotting these because he frequently deletes tweets. The $2 million he mentioned is related to the requirement that he return the prorated signing bonus for the time he was retired.

bam tweet 1

Bam tweet 2

Davis previously said he would be returning in April, which is when the offseason workout program begins. He sounds particularly fired up about the team in light of the Eric Rogers signing. The 49ers have reportedly signed the CFL star wide receiver, and Davis likes the signing. He retweeted a tweet about the signing, and then sent these two tweets: