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Sam Bradford's agent asked Philadelphia Eagles for $25 million per year, per Jim Trotter

Chip Kelly made a deal last offseason to bring Sam Bradford to the Philadelphia Eagles. The QB is a free agent this offseason, and reportedly asked the Eagles for big bucks. Will they get a deal done? Could he end up in San Francisco?

The arrival of Chip Kelly in San Francisco has raised plenty of questions about the quarterback position. As soon as he was announced as the new head coach, speculation quickly turned to Sam Bradford. Kelly traded for Bradford, and discussed a desire to sign him to a new contract this offseason when Bradford hit free agency. Chip's arrival in San Francisco made it an easy call for a landing spot, particularly given the 49ers question marks at quarterback.

Trent Baalke is in charge of the 53-man roster, but it is believed that Chip Kelly will have some measure of input at the quarterback position. Whatever that input is, it's safe to say Sam Bradford's early reported salary demands might make it a non-starter. ESPN's Jim Trotter said on Tuesday he was hearing that Sam Bradford's agent had asked the Eagles for $25 million per year in any contract.

I'll give you a minute to recover from that one and get your jaw off the floor.

That's a ridiculous number for most quarterbacks, and Sam Bradford falls firmly in that category of "most quarterbacks." He has done some solid things at times, and could get decent money in this market, but $25 million is crazy money. That being said, it also is likely just an opening offer, or counter-offer. I'd be curious to see if the Eagles made a low-ball offer, and so Bradford's agent decided to offer a crazy number.

According to Bleeding Green Nation, there was an offer at one point of 4 years and $72 million. An $18 million per year contract seems like crazy money, but if you think Bradford can actually remain healthy, $18 million a year is not exactly crazy money for a quarterback anymore. Of course, that's the rub with Bradford. If the Eagles can work a deal with numerous roster bonuses, maybe then you do something. But if not, health issues make it hard to figure out a long-term deal.