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Golden Nuggets: We have a press conference

Your 49ers links for Thursday, January 21st 2016

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Morning everyone! The Pat-signal got flashed last night and I managed to set the controller down from Fallout 4 to get you your links. In case you didn't know, there was a formal press conference to talk about the Chip Kelly hiring, meaning it was a busy day for 49ers fans.

After hearing that Chip Kelly presser, that hire doesn't seem so much of a letdown. In fact, the day's events have produced a feeling of optimism not felt in quite a while. And no one can predict it will or won't workout. Of course, this whole thing could blow up in Jed York's face, but for the time being, the San Francisco 49ers at least have someone competent running the roster -- which was M.I.A. a year ago. With Tomsula, it looked like disaster written all over it and I couldn't even force myself to be optimistic.

Maybe Kelly said the right things, or maybe it's just the sincerity in the way he said it, but it feels like the 49ers may have gotten the right guy for the team. He showed off some football knowledge, looked grateful to be not just be coaching, but coaching in San Francisco, and he has a great sense of humor (I don't care what you say, comparing a firing to an autopsy is the closest thing I'll get to a Harbaugh-ism so I'll take it). It may not be the first choice for some, but this may have been the best choice. Yes, still have to wait and see, but the empty feeling induced by watching Tomsula take the stand last year didn't reveal itself.

Let's get to the links:

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Chip Kelly: ‘I'm not governed by fear of what other people think’ (Matt Barrows)

The Chip Kelly Show: He’s different, he’s smart, he’s edgy, he just about blew Baalke off the stage, and he’s now the center of the 49ers universe (Tim Kawakami)

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Kelly's vision for 49ers: 'I want them to be fearless' (Matt Maiocco)

Report: 49ers make Mike Vrabel an offer (Grant Cohn)

Mike Shula says he would have interviewed for coaching jobs (Mike Florio)

San Francisco's new coach must figure out what his team can build on, quickly, if he wants to turn things around. (Chris Biederman)

What a horrible night to have a curse...