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Eric Rogers contract: CFL wide receiver signing 2-year deal with 49ers

Chip Kelly's press conference was the major San Francisco 49ers news event on Wednesday, but shortly before it began, an intriguing signing came to light for the team. A Canadian reporter tweeted that CFL wide receiver Eric Rogers was close to signing with the 49ers. Major NFL media picked up the story, and reported a done deal. Rogers posted a picture to Instagram signing the contract, and once the 49ers process it with the NFL and NFLPA, they will announce the move.

Ian Rapoport and Aaron Wilson had a breakdown of the contract details. According to them, Rogers signed a two-year deal that could be worth a total of $1.19 million, and appears to have $225,000 in salary guarantees. Here's the breakdown of Rogers' contract:

Signing Bonus: $125,000
2016 base salary: $450,000 ($100,000 fully guaranteed on signing)
2017 base salary: $540,000
Bonuses: $75,000

If Rogers makes the roster and lasts the two years with the 49ers, he would be an exclusive rights free agent following the 2017 season. That essentially means the 49ers can give him a one-year league minimum contract to sign, and he cannot shop around for other contracts. The following year he would be a restricted free agent, which means he can speak to other teams, but generally a team can match any deal (and RFAs don't get a ton of offers anyway).

Of course, if the 49ers like what they see from Rogers this year and next year, they would likely try and sign him to a longer extension while he is still under contract. But that is getting just slightly ahead of ourselves.