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Mike Vrabel turns down 49ers defensive coordinator job

The San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator is not quite a wrap yet. Bay Area radio personality John Middlekauff is reporting Houston Texans linebacker coach Mike Vrabel has declined the 49ers offer to be defensive coordinator. There were reports on Wednesday the team offered him the job, but Chip Kelly would not confirm.

I've heard some rumblings that family considerations played into Vrabel's decision. He has been in Houston for two years, and had been at Ohio State the previous three seasons. This would have been another quick turnaround to move his family. My guess is he figures there is a good chance he can eventually succeed Romeo Crennel as defensive coordinator, or find a job with one of the Ohio NFL teams at some point (he's from Ohio).

Vrabel and Eric Mangini have been the only two people we have seen on the radar for the defensive coordinator job. It is possible Mangini ends up with the job, but it is possible Kelly opens up the interview process a bit more.