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49ers hire Pat Flaherty as OL coach

The San Francisco 49ers appear to have themselves a new offensive line coach, hiring the New York Giants OL coach. We break down what this means, and what a Giants blogger thinks about the new coach.

The San Francisco 49ers hired Curtis Modkins as their offensive coordinator, according to Adam Schefter, but lost amidst that was another hiring. Alex Marvez is reporting the team hired New York Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty for the same job.

Flaherty spent the last 12 seasons coaching the New York Giants offensive line. I spoke with Ed Valentine at Big Blue View to get a few quick thoughts on Flaherty:

Nicknamed "Flats." He was giants OL coach for Coughlin's entire 12-year tenure. Considered to be an outstanding OL coach, probably out mostly because of his loyalty to Coughlin. Was OL coach when the Giants had the David Diehl-Rich Seubert-Shaun O'Hara-Chris Snee-Kareem McKenzie line that was considered one of the best in the league.

Coughlin stepped down as coach earlier this month, and Ben McAdoo was eventually promoted into the job. McAdoo is bringing on his own staff, and so it is no surprise that a long-time Coughlin lieutenant would not be retained.

Football Outsiders ranked the Giants offensive line No. 6 in adjusted sack rate, and No. 11 in adjusted line yards. The 49ers ranked No. 31 and 32 in those respective categories. The 49ers offensive line issues had to do with injuries, roster turnover, and lack of development by certain young players. We saw Andrew Tiller and Trenton Brown break through at different points, but the 49ers took their sweet time getting them into the lineup. Marcus Martin and Jordan Devey got extensive work at center and right guard, and neither was any good at it. Eventually Daniel Kilgore replaced Martin, and Tiller replaced Devey.

The 49ers could very well have Anthony Davis back this coming offseason, and if so, it could make for an interesting starting lineup. Joe Staley will be at left tackle, and Daniel Kilgore will likely be at center. If Alex Boone departs in free agency, we could see Andrew Tiller at left guard. That leaves right guard and right tackle. Davis played right tackle before retiring, while Trenton Brown showed some things late in the season. One option would be starting Davis at right guard and Brown at right tackle, leaving Erik Pears as the primary backup on the offensive line.

Brandon Thomas and Marcus Martin are two guys who have both struggled to do much of anything. Maybe a new offensive line coach can help them improve. Or maybe they just end up wasted draft picks.

Here is Flaherty's full resume:

2004-2015: New York Giants - Offensive Line
2001-2003: Chicago Bears - Tight Ends
2000: Washington NFL - Tight ends
1999: Iowa - Tight Ends, Special Teams, Recruiting
1993-1998: Wake Forest - Offensive Line, Tight Ends, Special Teams
1992: East Carolina University - Defensive Line
1984-1991: Rutgers - Offensive Line
1982-1983: Penn State - Offensive Line
1980-1981: East Stroudsburg - Offensive Line