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49ers fire Eric Mangini from coaching staff

The San Francisco 49ers have released Eric Mangini from his contract. FOX Sports NFL reporter Alex Marvez is reporting the team "fired" Mangini. The team released ten coaches from their contracts earlier this week, but Mangini remained under contract. The thought was he could be in the running for the defensive coordinator job.

The team reportedly offered the job to Mike Vrabel, who turned it down. The team has been connected to Jason Tarver and Don Martindale, but there have been no further details on those fronts. Given the numerous names involved, it is possible either Mangini asked to be let out of his contract, or Chip Kelly decided he did not want Mangini on his staff.

Whatever the case, the search continues for a defensive coordinator. Tarver and Martindale both have experience as a coordinator, the former with the Raiders, the latter with the Broncos. I suspect we hear something sooner rather than later in light of this development.