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Full list of Chip Kelly's 49ers coaching staff

We will be tracking all the news and rumors surrounding Chip Kelly's developing coaching staff.

The San Francisco 49ers named Chip Kelly their head coach on January 14, and the process for assembling a coaching staff has taken some time. Kelly announced at his introductory press conference that Tom Rathman was sticking around, but he nor the team had confirmed any additional moves prior to January 22.

That being said, plenty of reports and rumors are circulating. We are tracking everything in articles and this story stream, but I thought it would be helpful to have a living article that has all the latest news for you. If we see a rumor, we will drop a link in here. Once we have reports that a person has been hired, we'll remove the rumors, and move them into the "coaches hired" section. Obviously nothing is official until the 49ers announce the coaches, but when we see an assistant reported as being hired, we'll give them the bump. This article will be pinned to the top of the layout so it is easy to find when you swing by the site each day.

Ryan Day, Jerry Azzinaro, and Bob Bicknell all seem like they have in fact joined the staff, but we haven't had the same kind of "this happened" report. I'll assume they're all coming along, but might just end up waiting until the 49ers formally announce the news. Additionally, the 49ers will hire various quality control coaches and general assistants in addition to the position specific assistants.

Coaches Hired

Offensive CoordinatorCurtis Modkins (1/22)
QuarterbacksRyan Day (1/16)
Running BacksTom Rathman (1/20)
Wide ReceiversBob Bicknell (1/17)
Tight Ends
Jeff Nixon (1/26)
Offensive LinePat Flaherty (1/22)
Eric Wolford: Assistant Offensive Line (1/27)
Mick Lombardi: Offensive Quality Control (1/27)

Defensive Coordinator: Jim O'Neil (1/26)
Defensive LineJerry Azzinaro (1/15)
Inside LinebackersHardy Nickerson (1/23)
Outside LinebackersJason Tarver (1/26)
Defensive BacksJeff Hafley (1/24)

Special Teams CoordinatorDerius Swinton (1/22)
Special teams assistant: Michael Clay (1/27)

2015 coaches still under contract

Eric Wolford - Offensive Line Assistant
D.J. Boldin - Offensive Assistant
Mick Lombardi - Defensive Assistant
Richard Hightower - Special Teams Assistant