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How to select Chip Kelly as head coach of the 49ers in Madden 16

A couple people have asked if there's a way to get rid of Jim Tomsula's mug and replace it with Chip Kelly's. Here's how to do it!

In Madden 16, the coaches and owners all have their own stats and headshots since they gain XP and grow along with the players. For instance, Jed York's owner shot shows up mostly whenever I put the team into practice drills to gain a small amount of XP before a game.

A few of you reached out to me and asked if there's a way to remove Jim Tomsula and put in Chip Kelly as the 49ers coach. I planned on looking into this next week once I could pull myself from Fallout 4's grip among other things, but no sooner did I make my plans, reader Linus Jorgenson tweeted me the steps on how to do this. So after putting it in execution myself, I have here for you, the method to removing Jim Tomsula from your franchise mode and putting in Chip Kelly. This is just another reason why you won't have to buy Madden 17 when it comes out, because this provides another way to future proof your Madden experience.

This is actually very simple to do, but it's extremely difficult to figure out thanks to Madden's shaky programming. I was at it for an hour because the game wouldn't load to tell me if the offer was accepted or not, much less process my input besides a chime for pressing the button.  I assume many of you already know how to do this or have already done it, but for the many of you who don't want to do the legwork, or just can't figure it out (I don't blame you, there's lots of Madden I don't understand), here you go:

Step One: Start a new franchise as an owner of San Francisco. I went with the "Media Mogul" profile since it gave me another 7 million to spend, but other owners may work as well if you can get the cash. This will not work with current franchises (at least not easily), so you're going to have to start a new one.

Step Two: Choose the Eagles as a second team owner. To do this, you'll need to press R3 on a PlayStation 4 controller (and the Xbox One equivalent - whatever that is). I'm listing that step because Madden doesn't have the option listed. At all.

Step Three: Get to the Eagles franchise as owner and fire Chip Kelly

Step Four: Return to your San Francisco franchise as owner and fire Jim Tomsula

Step Five: Chip Kelly will be available as a coach, he should accept a simple offer of 5.16 million for a few years, but go ahead and play around with it.  This is where I got stuck though. I repeatedly pressed 'x' to confirm, but the game wouldn't load an acceptance or decline. Linus and I went back and forth on this because the bloody thing wouldn't work, but when I tried it again a day later, doing the same thing, the offer went through.

Step Six: Retire as owner of the Eagles

Step Seven (optional): Start a third franchise with Seattle, fire Pete Carroll and put Jim Tomsula in as their head coach. Retire as owner (or run the team into the ground and relocate them to Toronto).

Something to keep in mind if you bring in Kelly: his playbook doesn't come with him, at least not automatically. You'll be stuck with the Tomsula playbook until you change it. This is relatively simple however, just move things around in the options and you're set.

If all goes according to plan, you should have a shiny new coach in Chip Kelly for the 49ers and a better mugshot. Like I said, I think doing this for your current franchises could be quite difficult, but if anyone finds a way where it's easy, post it below or tweet it to me and I'll update this post with the necessary steps.

Until then, I'm going back to Fallout 4.