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Eagles scouting report on 49ers WR Eric Rogers from 2012

The San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of wide receiver Eric Rogers to a two-year contract earlier this week. Rogers was the CFL's leading receiver last year, and will be competing with a whole batch of young receivers.

Rogers went to California Lutheran and went undrafted in 2013. He signed with the Dallas Cowboys, but was released and ended up in the CFL. Even though Rogers went to a small school, he was on the radar for several teams. Bay Area radio personality John Middlekauff used to be a scout for the Philadelphia Eagles, and he was recently able to locate his scouting report from during the 2012 season. He categorized him as a potential priority free agent.

The 49ers gave Rogers $225,000 in guaranteed money via signing bonus and first year guaranteed salary, so they obviously like him more than your random CFL free agent. He'll be a guy to track when the preseason arrives.