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Trent Baalke briefly comments on potential Anthony Davis return

The San Francisco 49ers are playing things close to the chest with regard to offensive tackle Anthony Davis. He retired last June, but has made it very clear he plans on returning to the 49ers this offseason. General manager Trent Baalke made his first radio appearance of the offseason, talking with Damon Bruce on 95.7 The Game (audio), and at the 16:50 mark Bruce asked him about Davis.

Has he taken any steps to return to the NFL:
"As of right now, I've gotten no notification from the league to say that he has. But, that period is still open."

If it's a possibility:

Nothing has really changed at this point. The "Yes" comment is the closest he has come to acknowledging that Davis will be coming back. The 49ers start their offseason workout program on April 4. Davis previously mentioned coming back in April, which would line up pretty well. My guess is we hear something formal closer to, or into the new league year. There is really not much to leak at this point, other than "Anthony Davis filed the paperwork to return."

The 49ers have a lot of money in free agency, with Alex Boone free to look for new deals in March. My guess is he does not return, but Anthony Davis' potential return might play into that a little. Davis played right tackle his first five years in the league, but there is always the chance he moves over to right guard when he returns. Nothing is set in stone at this point, so we'll see what the next couple months brings.