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Super Bowl 50 means Vernon Davis, Ted Ginn are headed to Levi's Stadium!

The matchup for Super Bowl 50 is set, and Levi's Stadium will play host to some old 49ers! The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos are squaring off on February 7, 2016, in what could be an interesting matchup. The Broncos have the top rated defense in the NFL, which will be necessary given that their offense is struggling to some degree with Peyton Manning.

More importantly, we get some random ex-49ers playing in the big game. The Panthers have Ted Ginn making big contributions on offense, and also have special teamer Colin Jones, and coaches Bruce DeHaven, Ray Brown, Ken Dorsey, Pete Hoener. The Broncos have Vernon Davis, along with coaches Gary Kubiak, Greg Knapp, Brian Pariani and Chris Beake.

Ginn is likely to make a much more significant impact in the game than Davis. A week after getting one snap in the divisional round, Vernon Davis got I believe six or seven snaps. I'll confirm that number, but whatever the case, he is not remotely close to a significant aspect of the Broncos offense. Of course, that also means he is probably going to make some kind of play, good or bad, that impacts this game.

Since Levi's Stadium is playing host to Super Bowl 50, I'll have more coverage of this game than I normally would for the Super Bowl. We'd always have coverage of the game, but playing it in Levi's Stadium adds a little more interest, at least for me. I won't dump a ton of content on the front page, but I will include a lot of it in this story stream. I started it back in 2012 when the 49ers were voted as the host of Super Bowl 50. I figure, might as well keep updating it leading up to the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy. I'll add that story stream to the front page layout, so people know where to go for their Levi's Stadium Super Bowl coverage.