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Super Bowl 50 odds: Panthers open as growing favorites

The Carolina Panthers are early favorites for Super Bowl 50, and public money has pushed the line up a point already.

The Super Bowl 50 matchup is set, and there is going to be a clear favorite. The Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos will square off at Levi's Stadium in two weeks, and the Panthers are favored. The line opened at 3.5 points, and 12 hours later, the line has already climbed up to 4.5 points at most sports books monitored by OddsShark.

A sizable majority of public money is already landing on the Panthers. Right now, as much as 78 percent of public moneylikes Carolina. That does not mean the line will climb sky high. It could, but the line is adjusted based on a variety of factors. The amount of public money can move the line, but if sharp money comes in on Denver, it could slow the line, even if the total amount is less than that of the Panthers money.

"Sharp" betters are the more knowledgeable, experienced folks. Sportsbooks will know when certain sharps are betting, and that can swing the line as well, since there is a thought they must know something. And those sharp bets will vary on timing. They will be looking for the optimal time to place their bet, when they think the number is at a particularly high value.

The Panthers blew out Arizona, while Denver needed a huge defensive effort to beat New England. The public perception is heavily on Carolina's side, and sharp betters will happily wait to see public money potentially push the line up beyond what sharps view as reasonable for Carolina. Of course, for those of you who think Carolina is going to blow out Denver in two weeks, the line may never go high enough.