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2016 NFL mock draft database: Laquon Treadwell is a popular pick

The San Francisco 49ers hold the seventh pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. We take our first look at 20 mock drafts considering the 49ers pick.

The Niners Nation mock draft database is back! The 2016 NFL Draft is three months away, which means mock draft season is flying fast and furious for 30 of the 32 NFL teams. For the ninth year, we'll be tracking a variety of mock drafts from around the Internet. We have 20 mock drafts for now in this year's database, and it will likely increase as we move closer to late April.

Mock drafts hold different value for different people. For purely predictive purposes, they are fairly limited. A lot of people projected Arik Armstead shortly before last year's draft, but for now, the value is more about discussion and analysis of team needs.

Early on, the 13 of the 20 mocks are looking at quarterback and wide receiver. The seven wide receiver picks are all Laquon Treadwell. He is a popular pick right now for a San Francisco 49ers team that has Anquan Boldin hitting free agency. The other six picks are quarterbacks, with three picks of Jared Goff and three picks of Paxton Lynch. I expect quarterbacks to remain on the list until we get a better handle on Colin Kaepernick's situation, and what Chip Kelly will be looking for moving forward.

The remaining seven picks include three selections of offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley, and four picks of linebacker Myles Jack. It seems like he could play either inside linebacker in the 3-4, or middle or outside linebacker in the 4-3. Considering the 49ers hold the seventh pick, I suspect we don't see a huge array of names in the database. Well, at least for now.