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Jason Tarver to remain 49ers outside linebackers coach

The San Francisco 49ers reportedly hired a defensive coordinator on Tuesday, with Matt Maiocco reporting Jim O'Neil will get the job. Included in that report was a mention that Jason Tarver will remain as the team's outside linebackers coach.

The team will likely hire some additional positional assistants, but for the most part the main structure of the defensive coaching staff appears set. What is interesting however is that it appears essentially that defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil was the final hire. We don't know the full timing of all these since they will be announced together, so we are left to speculate to some degree. But the whole process has seemed a little weird with the DC role. It is possible O'Neil had plenty of say in the process, but it's something we'll likely never know for certain.

For now though, here is what the full defensive coaching staff looks like. It's going to be an important group given Kelly's focus on the offense. There will be plenty of focus on Kelly's offense, but I think a few of us might be keeping a close eye on the defense.

Defensive Coordinator: Jim O'Neil (1/26)
Defensive LineJerry Azzinaro (1/15)
Inside LinebackersHardy Nickerson (1/23)
Outside LinebackersJason Tarver (1/26)
Defensive BacksJeff Hafley (1/24)