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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones meets with Carson Wentz at Senior Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers pick No. 7 in the 2016 NFL Draft, which means the maneuvering and rumors surrounding the first six picks will be particularly interesting. How those teams are drafting will drop some notable names to the 49ers, opening the door to a selection or trade.

The saga of North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz is going to be an interesting one to follow leading up to late April. There is a lot of buzz surrounding him, and if one team likes him high, he could be the high upside guy that shakes up the top of the draft.

The Cleveland Browns have been connected with quarterbacks, but there is some speculation that the Dallas Cowboys have interest at the position, and might make a move to get a quarterback. As the tweet above shows, they at least have some level of interest in Wentz. Additionally, Mel Kiper thinks there is a chance the Cowboys might try and leap-frog to the No. 1 pick to get Jared Goff.

We know Kiper's comments should be taken with a huge grain of salt. As for the Jones-Wentz meeting? Well, Jones could very much be interested in the North Dakota State quarterback. He also could want to make it seem like he's interested to get someone else to take Wentz ahead of the Cowboys (or deal up ahead of the Cowboys) to push someone else down to him. It's all moves and counter-moves for now.

Nonetheless, the early picks are going to be interesting. If two quarterbacks go before the 49ers, that opens the door for a wide assortment of players to slip down. Will we see the Cowboys go quarterback in the first round to begin the eventual replacement process for Tony Romo?