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Super Bowl 50 statue vandalism off to creative start

Super Bowl 50 is taking place at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, but San Francisco is doing plenty of its own promotion for the game. The NFL has been working with the city to come up with all sorts of promotions. Super Bowl City is launching in the Embarcadero (hope you're not getting mail delivered there!), and the league put together ten Super Bowl 50 statues to place around the city.

There has been some hubbub over the statues because the city waived a $1,125 "minor encroachment" permit fee for each statue. The city charged the Super Bowl 50 host committee and NFL $1,268 total in staff oversight for installation, but waived the permit fee "as this is part of the civic celebration."

It should surprise nobody that some of the statues have already been vandalized. While vandalism should never be encouraged, I will give them credit for creativity. And the "civic celebration" idea is kind of mind-numbing political speak anyway.

For the first picture, you can view more pictures here. If you're wondering why "Superb Owl", check out Stephen Colbert's old bit on it.