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NFL agent seems convinced Jim Tomsula will be fired by 49ers

This is pretty random, but an agent qualifies as slightly higher up the food chain than some random person on Twitter. Could Jim Tomsula be on his way out?

The San Francisco 49ers wrap up their 2015 season on Sunday, and after that is when the real drama begins. The 49ers put together their worst season in nearly a decade, and nobody is happy with much of anything. The question now is who survives the fallout of a four- or five-win season.

Geep Chryst has been a frequent mention, but there remains some speculation that Jim Tomsula could be fired. John Clayton apparently had some comments on ESPN, but I have yet to find it. However, over the weekend, a random but interesting pair of tweets surfaced. NFL agent David Canter had the following to say. He represents 49ers practice squad defensive lineman Garrison Smith, and used to represent linebacker Michael Wilhoite. The first tweet was on Friday, and the second was a reply to someone questioning the first tweet.

This is pretty random, but given that Canter is an agent with connections around the league, it is at least a little bit interesting. There have been no leaks thus far, but once the season ends, I would not be surprised if something leaks in some form or fashion. I would think we'll get some kind of answer no later than the traditional Black Monday.