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Bruce Ellington breaks up pass on Johnny Hekker punt fake

In the least surprising development of Sunday's game, the St. Louis Rams faked a punt early in the second quarter against the San Francisco 49ers. The Rams have frequently fakes punts since bringing in former quarterback Johnny Hekker, and of course they would do it in a Week 17 game with nothing on the line.

This particular play took place at the 11:19 mark of the second quarter. He looked for wide receiver Bradley Marquez deep down the right side of the field. Marquez had a step on cornerback Tramaine Brock. Hekker dropped the ball in fairly well, and Bruce Ellington dove across to break up the pass. Hekker might have underthrown it just a bit, but considering his primary role is as a punter, it was a good pass. More importantly, it was a great pass break-up by Ellington. And the timing was really nice to avoid any penalties. Who knows if the 49ers will ever figure out what to do with Ellington as a receiver, but he could have a future as a corner!