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Quinton Patton wanted nothing to do with defensive lineman Eugene Sims

The San Francisco 49ers are trailing the St. Louis Rams 16-10, and the big difference-maker thus far was a Blaine Gabbert interception. The 49ers were at mid-field and looking to add to a 10-6 lead, when Gabbert made a bad throw. It looked like an attempted screen, and Gabbert bounced a pass off a defender into the arms of defensive end Eugene Sims. The Rams lineman rumbled down the field before finally being tackled at the three yard line.

Quinton Patton had one clear shot at him, and almost a second one, and in both instances, he managed to maneuver himself well out of the way. The first was the more obvious example. I can't blame him for staying the heck away from a huge defensive lineman, but that does not make it any less amusing to watch. This not to take anything away from the sweet moves of Eugene Sims, but Patton definitely did not want to bring down the big man.

Here is some video courtesy of Bay Area Sports Guy.