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49ers players delivered unified front before Jim Tomsula firing

Prior to the announcement of Tomsula's release, the players took the focus off of their head coach's future and put it onto their overtime win in week 17.

The San Francisco 49ers finished out the season with their second overtime win of 2015, giving head coach Jim Tomsula a 5-11 record in his first and only season as head coach (outside of his one win as interim HC). Tomsula, who is normally ready to dismount from the podium as soon as possible, actually lingered for a while, taking more questions after his usual time quota. He even spoke in the third person, just a little bit. Now that the announcement has been made, it seems that he may have been savoring the moment, and basking in the limited glory he was allowed this season. When asked about his future, this was his response:

I have not talked to ownership. I haven’t had any conversations of the such. Wouldn’t expect to until the season’s over. What I would like to say to everybody is, I’m not going to make this about Jim and Jim’s job status here today. Okay? Alright? I got a group of guys here, players that just won a football game. They’ve been through a very tough season. They’ve stuck together. They went and won a game in overtime. They fought like crazy. And today is about those players. My job status, anything going forward there, can be handled throughout the rest of the week.

As was for Tomsula, same was for the players. The focus was on the game and the win. CB Dontae Johnson said he actually didn't even know about the rumors when asked.

Honestly, I had no idea about that. We all came in here with one goal and one mission which was to win a game going into the offseason. That was our biggest concern and we handled it.

Ian Williams:

We weren't worried about anything going on in the press or whatever. We just worried about trying to win the football game. We were able to go out there and accomplish our goal.

Vance McDonald:

He was just so happy and so thankful. He, more than anybody else, has been in our corner and just wants us to go out and have fun. Just coming in here, he's proud of us that we all stuck together. He was super happy.

Bruce Miller:

We are going to enjoy this win and for whatever happens to any of us in here, we're going to regroup and and come back and try to be a better 49er football team.

Blaine Gabbert on if Tomsula addressed his status:

No, and I’m not going to address any of the rumors or speculations. Nothing has been said. Biggest thing is I don’t want make light of the fact we got a win today and that’s huge against a good division opponent. We definitely don’t take wins for granted. I want that to be the focal point leaving here.

NaVorro Bowman:

I'll leave that to upstairs. It's all about the game today. I've been with Jimmy my whole career and it's always been a good time with him. Today we won a game and let's give him some praise for that. Let's not talk about the rumor or whatever was said.

At the time of the interviews, I am doubting that the players knew for certain the fate of their coach, though they probably knew it could be a possibility. Torrey Smith tweeted this moments after the 49ers sent out the press release.

There were no long goodbyes or lingering in the locker room as there was last year when Harbaugh was headed out of the building. There were no emotionally stirring quotes or tears upon leaving the field. It was a happy group that was enjoying one of their few wins of 2015 in front of their home crowd.