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Jim Harbaugh with a huge sub-tweet following Jim Tomsula firing

I believe this would be the steel chair across the back of Jim Tomsula. Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh tweeted this out a few minutes ago. There were rumors that Tomsula was working behind Harbaugh's back, and I think we can take this tweet to be a shot across the bow. Obviously it could be something else entirely, but I don't believe in coincidences.

This is one reason it is hard to feel entirely bad for Jim Tomsula in this situation. We don't know exactly what went down with Jim Harbaugh, Jed York, Trent Baalke, and Jim Tomsula, but obviously there were numerous reports. The more things happen, the harder it is to not thing there was some fire where there was smoke. I wish the best of people, but when it comes to ambition, you just never know what kinds of actions might result.

Whatever the case, the 49ers are onto their second head coach search in as many weeks, and the drama grows!