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NaVorro Bowman comments on defense with Chip Kelly offensive philosophy

The 49ers defensive leader is not overly concerned about the impact of Chip Kelly's offensive philosophy on the defense.

Since Chip Kelly was first hired, we've had plenty of discussion about the implications his offensive philosophy has on the defense. The pace of the offense usually means the defense is going to get more series than it might otherwise get. Oscar Aparicio broke down efficiency metrics that indicated the offense did not impact the defense. There will be differing opinions on this topic, but that's one breakdown of the issue.

NaVorro Bowman is in Hawaii this week for the Pro Bowl, and he spoke with Around the NFL on Friday. One of the questions he got was related to Chip Kelly and what his offense means for the defense. They brought up some past complaints about the offense putting a strain on the defense. Bowman disagreed.

"Nah, I think people are blowing it out of proportion," Bowman said. "I think any defense you play in, if your offense is getting off the field quicker than you gotta get off the field quicker. You gotta hold yourself to that standard."

Obviously Bowman was not going to take shots at his new coach, so feel free to take this with a grain of salt. That being said, it is always going to be important to get the defense off the field as quick as possible. We'll be breaking down Jim O'Neil's work in Cleveland, but I imagine we see more aggression from the 49ers defense in 2016. It's hard to know exactly what the defense will look like given the chance to add some impact players early in the draft and in free agency, but it will be an intriguing group.