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Joe Staley "tackles" NaVorro Bowman after interception, negated by Richard Sherman penalty

The San Francisco 49ers have two representatives in the 2016 Pro Bowl, and they ended up involved in an unexpected play. Team Rice quarterback Derek Carr fired off a pass late in the first quarter. Richard Sherman forced a deflection that NaVorro Bowman intercepted. Bowman jumped for it and went to the ground with the ball. A couple players touched him in the air, and then Joe Staley touched Bowman as he hit the ground.

Fittingly enough, the whole play came back due to Richard Sherman committing a pass interference penalty. I mean could it have been more on point given the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry. Well done, Richard.

Team Rice got the ball back after Sherman's penalty and proceeded to drive down the field to take a 21-7 lead. Team Rice Irvin is currently leading the game 49-21 in the fourth quarter.