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Chip Kelly reaches out to 49ers, per Adam Schefter

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

It's bright and early on Black Monday morning, and things are already getting interesting. Adam Schefter is reporting the representatives for former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly have reached out to express interest in the 49ers head coach opening. For those who were asleep all day yesterday and into this morning, the position became available when the 49ers fired Jim Tomsula Sunday evening.

Fooch's update: I forgot to note that Mike Silver reported on this Sunday late morning, so this is not entirely new, but further confirmation.

Schefter said that the 49ers were likely to "at least consider it" in their coaching search. Kelly would be the second coach of serious significance to be connected to the 49ers. We reported last night, alongside ESPN and NFL Network, that the 49ers want to make a strong push for Sean Payton if he and the New Orleans Saints decide to part ways. There are more complications in going after Payton since he is under contract.

That's not to say Kelly would be an easy bargain. He was fired in part due to reported issues over personnel power in Philadelphia. He told Jay Glazer he just wants to coach at his next stop, and not deal with the personnel side. If that holds up, the 49ers could be a good situation for him. He and Tom Gamble are reportedly good friends. Although Kelly reportedly did not push back hard when the Eagles fired Gamble early last year, reports suggest their friendship is still intact. Trent Baalke is viewed as a particularly abrasive individual, so having Gamble could provide the kind of buttress that did not seem to really exist with former head coach Jim Harbaugh.

These are all just rumors for now. We don't know who is leaking what, so we have to take everything with a grain of salt. In the meantime, things are certainly getting interesting.