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David Shaw plans to stay, 49ers, Colts openings likely will not change mind

The Stanford head coach will be pursued by the NFL as long as he remains in college, but for 2016, it appears he is happy staying in the college ranks.

The San Francisco 49ers have decisions to make with regard to their head coach position, but Stanford head coach David Shaw does not appear to be an option at this point. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported Shaw plans on remaining at Stanford, and that the 49ers opening, or the potential Colts opening likely will not change that.

Every year there is a big name in the college ranks that has NFL teams salivating over the prospect of hiring him. Nick Saban is a name that will show up every year, and Urban Meyer is a guy who will remain high on some lists, but David Shaw is arguably in the brightest spotlight for now. Saban already spent time in the NFL, and Meyer left Florida for health reasons, before moving on to Ohio State. Jim Harbaugh will eventually end up in NFL rumors, but for now he is settled in at Michigan

Shaw is sort of that unicorn college option at this point. He worked with Harbaugh at Stanford, and took what Harbaugh built and moved it further along. He worked with Andrew Luck, and Kevin Hogan is likely to get drafted this year. Stanford stumbled a bit in 2014, but this year made it to their third Rose Bowl in four years, and grabbing their second Rose Bowl win in that span. They also made it to the Fiesta Bowl in 2011, and the Foster Farms Bowl in 2014.

At some point I would think Shaw makes the leap, but for now he seems satisfied with what he can do at Stanford.