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49ers players found out about Jim Tomsula firing via text

The San Francisco 49ers fired Jim Tomsula Sunday evening, and according to Torrey Smith, the players learned of the firing by way of text message from Jed York.

I have to admit, I am not entirely surprised that was how the news was spread around. From what beat writers were tweeting last night, players cleared out of the locker room fairly quickly after the win over the St. Louis Rams. Media did not see Jed York near the locker room when they went down, so it is possible he was meeting with Trent Baalke to finalize the decision to fire Tomsula.

This is not really the easiest of situations to sort out. If they knew before the game ended that Tomsula was out, I suppose they could have gone down and asked the players to hang around for a few minutes, let Tomsula know what's up separately, and then inform the players. Instead, it would seem players were already out the door by the time the 49ers finalized things.

The perception will be that it is bush league that it was all communicated via text. One option would have been to wait until today to meet with Tomsula and make the decision. Conceivably Jed York and Trent Baalke would not tell anybody, and so they could fire Tomsula, let the players know, and then issue the press release. This all might not really matter, but given the 49ers issues with perception over the last year, it's another little thing that just sort of adds to it. I imagine opinions on this whole issue will be mixed.