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Trent Baalke says 49ers coaching search does not include 49ers in-house candidates

The San Francisco 49ers have not interviewed any candidates yet according to general managerTrent Baalke, but the news above would seem to be a good sign about the direction of the 49ers coaching search. Baalke met with the media on Monday following Jed York's press conference. Baalke is heading up the search, but did not take part in the press conference with York, instead having a smaller informal session with the media.

Jed York said the team fired Jim Tomsula, but had not released other coaches from their contracts at this point. He said the new head coach would get a chance to evaluate the existing coaching staff in deciding on his own new staff. If none of the coaches are being considered for the 49ers top job, that would mean it will be an outsider, and odds are pretty good he will let most of the current stuff depart.

It is a big plus that the 49ers are going outside the organization. I actually think Eric Mangini could still have a shot at being a good head coach, but I also think the team needs to scrub itself of the stench of this season as quickly as possible. Moving on to an entirely new candidate is a strong step in that direction.