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Anthony Davis further confirms plan to return to 49ers in 2016

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous roster decisions to consider this offseason, and a big one is the status of sort of retired right tackle Anthony Davis. Since announcing his retirement, Davis has mentioned that he plans on returning this offseason. I suppose that makes it more of a sabbatical than retirement.

Davis chimed in again on Sunday evening. After Jim Tomsula was fired, someone asked if Davis would in fact be returning to the 49ers. He confirmed once again that he planned on returning:

It is going to be interesting to see how Davis is welcomed back. He walked away from the team amidst an offseason of turmoil. I imagine some won't care one way or another, but I have to think some of the players were not pleased with his departure, and are not exactly over the moon about his decision to return after a year away. Players will welcome back talent, but he will have a lot of work in front of him to win back some of his teammates.

The other question is what position will he play? He was the team's right tackle before his departure. Trenton Brown has looked very solid in getting a couple starts to close out the season. There could be a significant competition at right tackle, and we could very well end up seeing Anthony Davis inserted at right guard. That would move Erik Pears back into a reserve role, which seemed like the plan when the 49ers signed him last year.