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Tom Coughlin will consider staying on with New York Giants in TBD role

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin stepped down from the position Monday afternoon, and held an intriguing final press conference on Tuesday. At one point, owner John Mara said he asked Coughlin to remain with the franchise in some kind of role. It sounds like Coughlin said he will consider it, but that is something to be discussed.

I bring that up because as soon as Coughlin stepped down, he said this was not necessarily the end of the line for him as a coach. Naturally people have been discussing him as an option somewhere in the league. Coughlin has not agreed to anything specific with the Giants, but for now it would appear he will remain with the Giants. I could see that changing with an intriguing offer somewhere around the league, so we will wait and see what happens. For now though, anybody that wants the San Francisco 49ers to pursue Tom Coughlin might need to consider other options.

I have to admit, I am disappointed Coughlin's press conference did not wrap up like the final press conference scene in Any Given Sunday. Head coach Tony D'Amato is having what is expected to be a retirement press conference. Instead, he announces he has been hired to become the head coach and GM of the new Albuquerque franchise. Given Coughlin's age and experiences, this just seemed like the perfect close to his time in New York!