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NFL coaching search live blog, January 5: Cleveland Browns adding interview candidates

We've got all the news and notes about potential interviews across the league for Tuesday, January 5. We'll update with news and rumors as they drop.

Yesterday morning, I put together a live blog of sorts to track some of the many rumors that are circulating about the coaching search. This is meant to cover the entire NFL, as potential 49ers candidates will be interviewing with plenty of other teams. We followed that up Monday evening with Elpato's recap of the days news and rumors across the league.

Things got started slowly today, but I wanted to get this back up since rumors are slowly popping up. We'll keep an eye out for news and rumors, and then follow up later tonight with another recap of the day. As always, post any links or tweets you find in the comments, and we'll add them to the article.

Fooch's update, 1:19 p.m. - Add two more names to the list for the 49ers

Fooch's update, 12:13 p.m. - Former Falcons coach Mike Smith interviewed with the Dolphins

Cleveland Browns keeping busy

The latter tweet is the more fascinating one given DePodesta's analytical skills. It is a little bizarre, but he's smart enough that I think his skills can translate to football. Whether it actually helps the Browns is another question entirely.

Giants jobs

There is some belief that Sean Payton might like the Giants job, but for now, here is where they're at. Some people think the Giants job is the "brass ring" in the NFL given that they have Eli Manning and cap space. We'll see if candidates are lining up for it. We're only two days into this formal process, so it's going to take some time.

Speaking of the Giants, Tom Coughlin is reportedly considering sticking around in some kind of role. However, this quick shot of Tom Coughlin walking right by the Giants president might paint an amusing picture of the presumed relationship:

Hue Jackson

We know the Browns and Dolphins are interested. The Titans reportedly were interested shortly after firing Ken Whisenhunt, so we'll see if that develops.

49ers stuff

Sean Payton remains the story!