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Dolphins interested in Sean Payton, per report

The San Francisco 49ers rumored pursuit of New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton might not be unopposed outside New Orleans. Dolphins beat writer Omar Kelly is reporting the Miami Dolphins have expressed interest in talking with Sean Payton about their head coach position. Kelly's source says the job interests Payton, but the Dolphins have not formally asked for permission to interview.

Could we be looking at Jim Harbaugh, round 2? Back in early 2011, the 49ers found themselves competing with the Dolphins for the services of the then Stanford head coach. Things got heated, and it looked like Harbaugh was headed to Miami. The 49ers eventually won out, and looking back it was not surprising. The 49ers had struggled under Mike Singletary, but they had some significant talent on the roster. Harbaugh was looking for the right situation, and the 49ers presented it.

This situation gets all the more interesting because of Payton's contract status. He is under contract with the Saints. The team would likely look for compensation from any new team. If Payton is interested in both jobs, it might come down to who will pay up the most in draft pick compensation. For Payton, it might make sense to find the job that offers more money and/or power, but try to minimize the draft compensation if at all possible.

The drama continues.....