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Updated odds for 49ers head coach candidates with Sean Payton removed

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search appears unlikely to include New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, and gambling odds have been updated accordingly. released odds shortly before Payton's press conference to announce he planned on continuing with the New Orleans Saints. They had Payton installed as a bit of a longshot at 12/1, but they shut down 49ers odds as soon as Ian Rapoport reported Payton was remaining in New Orleans.

The odds are incredibly fluid, with rumors swinging things virtually minute-by-minute. Bovada has installed Chip Kelly as the favorite, and those odds improved with Payton's announcement. Prior to the announcement, Kelly was installed at 3/1. Following the announcement, he was dropped to 7/4. Mike Shanahan was listed second at 7/2, and his odds remain the same. Here is the full list of odds, with pre- and post-Payton announcement numbers:

Chip Kelly: 7/4 - previously 3/1
Mike Shanahan: 9/2 before and after
Hue Jackson: 9/2 - previously 5/1
Anthony Lynn: 9/2 - previously 5/1
Mike Holmgren: 9/1 - previously 7/1
Adam Gase: 8/1 - previously 7/1
Todd Haley: 12/1 - previously 10/1
Kyle Shanahan: 12/1 before and after

I was all set to put some money on Payton at 12/1, but that's obviously off the board at this point. From that group, Hue Jackson is probably the safest bet. The 49ers are set to interview Jackson on Sunday following the Cincinnati Bengals Saturday playoff game.