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Reggie Bush sues St. Louis Stadium Authority over 'concrete ring of death'

Soon-to-be free agent running back Reggie Bush has officially filed a lawsuit against the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority. The lawsuit claims the defendants knew about the dangerous surface, but did nothing to fix the problem. I don't have access to the 6-page lawsuit, but it apparently includes the phrase "concrete ring of death." The lawsuit apparently says it was referred to that following Josh McCown's own injury a week earlier.

Injuries are a serious thing, but the use of "concrete ring of death" did make me laugh. I hope Bush fully recovers from the injury, but when you drop that phrase in a lawsuit, I'm going to snicker a little bit.

Bush has a lengthy injury history, and it really was not surprising he got hurt with the 49ers. He dealt with other injuries during his brief time with the team, and this just capped off a year that was mostly lost. Many of us thought a healthy Bush might provide a much-needed element behind Carlos Hyde, but the 49ers ended up losing both players to injured reserve.

Hyde will obviously be back next year, but it will be interesting to see if Bush lands anywhere. Reports suggested it was a torn MCL, and not a torn ACL, so he likely will be in good shape when free agency arrives. If he signs anywhere, it will probably be later in free agency, and very well might not be until training camp.