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What does Peyton Manning starting in playoffs mean for Brock Osweiler?

The Denver Broncos announced on Thursday that Peyton Manning will be the team's starting quarterback following their wild card weekend bye. Brock Osweiler started seven games in place of Manning, but was benched in the season finale against the San Diego Chargers.

Osweiler had some solid games leading the Broncos offense, but he dealt with some inconsistency down the stretch. Manning could very well be headed out to pasture sooner rather than later, and this provides him a chance to close out his career with one more shot at leading a team to the Super Bowl.

The question now is what this means for Osweiler's future with the team. Is this just a minor speed bump, or is this a significant roadblock? I bring this up on Niners Nation because of Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers have to figure out that situation, and there is a strong chance it involves him being released or traded.

The 49ers eventual new head coach might have a thing or two to say about it, but if the 49ers do part ways with Kap, the Broncos could very well be a destination. I imagine there will be a ton of rumors starting around the NFL Combine. Free agency and trading gets going in mid-March, but unofficial discussions begin long before that. The 49ers will want people to think there is a robust trade market for Kap. Once the dust settles from coaching changes, we'll begin the full transition to Kap watch.