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49ers could interview David Shaw [updated: nope]

Fooch's update: This strikes me as the least surprising development in recent history

Just like that, we have our first David Shaw San Francisco 49ers rumor. Three days after Ian Rapoport reported David Shaw would remain at Stanford and an opening with the 49ers would not change that, there is slightly conflicting news.

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole discussed the 49ers situation today, and he focused on Hue Jackson and David Shaw. After discussing the 49ers plans to interview Jackson, Cole said, "expect that they're also going to have an interview with David Shaw of Stanford, and another offensive-minded head coach with ties to the NFL. His father was a long-time coach in the NFL, he has been in the NFL himself. They're interested in both."

Cole said he spoke with a "high level source" at the 49ers, so we certainly have to take their motives into consideration. I would not be at all surprised to hear the 49ers have contacted Shaw to request an interview. Whether Shaw actually wants to interview is another question entirely. The 49ers landed Jim Harbaugh out of Stanford back in 2011, but the roster seemed a bit more solidly put together. And considering how things have gone down the last two years, I certainly wonder what Shaw thinks about the situation in Santa Clara.

It might be perfectly fine for him, but he also is in a position to pick his best option. Stanford could take a step back in the near future, but it seems like they are into a strong position to be competitive for high level bowl games for the foreseeable future. That makes it even easier for Shaw to decide to wait another year or two before making a potential jump to the NFL.