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NFL coach search news, January 7: David Shaw on/off 49ers radar, no one wants Greg Roman, Jon Gruden gets the itch

A few interview rumors today and an old friend is surprised at his lack of interviews

Coach Watch concludes for Thursday and we finally have a few good nuggets of information to go on. The San Francisco 49ers finished as one of the worst offenses in the NFL, so it should surprise no one that the bulk of the interviews from the club are to offensive minded head coaches. Few things happened around the league, but there was a lot of movement in the 49ers.

Fooch's update: A couple minutes after this published, Matt Maiocco reported the 49ers met with Chip Kelly this week.

The Connections:

Little more on Hue Jackson has developed since what we've seen yesterday. He's got interviews scheduled and a playoff game to win. There is a lot to risk if the 49ers want to go after Hue Jackson due to Cincinnati's potential to make a run in the post season. Or it could all be over this weekend.

Missed Connections:

Remember when everyone thought David Shaw would stay at Stanford? It was suggested the 49ers may interview the Cardinal head coach as per Jason Cole. Shaw has done extremely well with the talent he has at Stanford, including the progression of quarterback Kevin Hogan, and could be knocking on the door for a playoff birth next year if cards are played right.

Then this tweet came out:

There is another thing to keep in mind, David Shaw was also Stanford's offensive coordinator...when Jim Harbaugh was head coach. While you can never assume anything, given that his former mentor of sorts mutually parted with an organization down the street from him, one has to wonder if that has to factor into his decision to stay at Stanford, should San Francisco show interest.

Dirk Koetter is also on the radar. Reports have come out that the 49ers requested an interview with the Tampa Bay Buccaneer offensive coordinator on Tuesday. This tweet from Adam Schefter kind of predicts how that may end:

There's some speculation that Koetter may be next in line for the Tampa Bay coaching job after Lovie Smith was fired. It's a fair argument that Tthey may want to keep rookie quarterback Jameis Winston within the same offensive system for a few more years rather than lose their offensive coordinator to another team's vacant head coach role. Or Koetter isn't interested. Either way, if there hasn't been a response yet, there may never be at this point.

Up For Interviews:

Anthony Lynn was reported to have an interview today with the 49ers in New York. Little has been said so far regarding his interview or how it went. Lynn interviewed with the Miami Dolphins on Wednesday with reports saying the interview went well, per Rand Getlin.

Mike Shanahan was scheduled for an interview that was later changed. Nothing more has been said.If it did happen this week it would have been in New York as well.

Other Names:

While the 49ers have not yet heard back from Koetter for an interview, Mike Holmgren has not yet heard back from the 49ers for an interview.

Coach Tracker:

Add an old friend to Coach Watch, good ole' Greg Roman. The former 49ers offensive coordinator admitted today on WGR 550 to being surprised no one wanted to interview him. Is anyone on Niners Nation surprised no one wants Greg Roman as a head coach (yet)?

The Eagles have confirmed an interview with Ben McAdoo today as per Adam Schefter. According to Schefter, the interview went "Very Well."

Also from Schefter: The Colts have signed Ravens Linebacker coach Ted Monachino as defensive coordinator.

And now a big name for Coach Watch, Jon Gruden. The Monday Night Football announcer and 45-51 winning record coach has allegedly thrown his hat into the Philadelphia coaching ranks. The thing is, according to Paul Domowitch, who broke the story for the Daily News, Gruden isn't the top candidate right now, despite reportedly having interest in the position.

That honor goes to Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Doug Pederson, who hasn't made a lot of noise for Coach Watch yet, but is considered the front runner according to Domowitch.

The Miami Dolphins have reached out to Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia for interviews as well.


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