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OJ Simpson looking for the real killers vs. Jed York looking for front office leaks

The "OJ searching for the real killers" line has been going on for 20 years now, and just like that, Jed York has worked his way into the joke! York has denied being involved in the leaks that seem to come from the front office, going so far as to say anybody who leaks information is not going to be a part of the 49ers:

"Having things come out of the building and having the leaks like that that are harmful to the team, harmful to Jimmy T, somebody that's been here for a long time, harmful to our players, harmful to our fans, that's not in my best interest. That didn't come from this organization. You're going to have lots of speculation around this time of the year. And you guys are well aware that there's speculation and people that you think are going to get fired or not thinking are going to get fired. We have no interest in leaking information out of this building. If I find people that are leaking information, they are not going to be a part of this team." (transcript)

It is entirely possible York is telling the truth, but given how things have played out, it can be rather difficult to take him entirely seriously with his denials. And so, it is easy to poke fun at the idea that he might hunt down the leaks and drum them out of the 49ers organization. York had a fairly solid press conference on Monday, but there were various moments where he sounded a little like last year Jed York. And so, a little mockery is gonna happen.