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Jim Tomsula shaved his mustache

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The San Francisco 49ers fired Jim Tomsula Sunday evening, and it appears the dismissal has led to a dramatic change for Tomsula. Someone got a picture with Tomsula and sent along the photo to Barstool Sports. I've posted it down below.

This appears to be at a gym of some sort. It does not look like the 49ers workout area at the team facility, which obviously would make sense given that he was fired. Given his many years in San Francisco, maybe he felt it was time for a change. If you do a google image search of Jim Tomsula, it looks like he's had a mustache since at least his days with the Rhein Fire. I found this picture of him with a mustache during his time coaching at Catawba College. Another image of his playing days at Catawba in the mid-80s shows a small goatee, but again, there is still some facial hair.

I can't really blame Tomsula for making a significant change like this given the huge turn of events in his life. While I won't miss Jim Tomsula the coach, I will miss Jim Tomsula the Ron Jeremy look-alike, and his glorious mustache. Peace out, Jimmy T....and Jimmy T's mustache!

Fooch's update: I've updated the picture. The person who was in it DM'd the NN Facebook page, and sent along this updated version. It is at a Gold's Gym in Campbell, CA. Tomsula said he shaved the mustache for the fresh start and a fresh state of mind.

Tomsula no mustache