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Jim Harbaugh enjoyed a hot dog at Sharks-Red Wings in San Jose

I thought Jim Tomsula shaving his mustache would be the most random thing I post this week. Naturally, Jim Harbaugh had to out-do him. The former San Francisco 49ers head coach (Harbaugh, not Tomsula) is back in the Bay Area for now. Well, at least for Thursday. Harbaugh was in attendance at the Detroit Red Wings game against the San Jose Sharks.

Naturally, his presence in the South Bay means we should probably start a rumor about him potentially reconciling with Jed York. Of course, as crazy as Jim Harbaugh can seem at times, that would go down as one of the craziest swerves in history. That might be on par with Stone Cold Steve Austin turning heel and joining up with Vince McMahon.

But as is always the case with Jim Harbaugh sightings, something fairly mundane became highly entertaining. In this case, Jim Harbaugh ate a hot dog.

I think the best tweet about it came from SB Nation's NHL twitter account. I can totally see Jim Harbaugh keeping an eye out and looking a little bit suspicious about something. I don't know what exactly it would be, but Harbaugh knows someone is always out to get him!