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49ers fan has quite the plan for potential 2016 Powerball winnings

America is getting a little nutty this week, as the Powerball lottery total is up over $800 million. Nobody has bought a winning ticket yet, and so the prize money keeps going up.

When Powerball gets into the notable nine figure range, media jumps all over it. They interview people at local gas stations to see what they are thinking about it, and what they would do with the money. One station happened across a San Francisco 49ers fan recently, and the video they posted was kind of amazing. He is wearing a 49ers hooded sweatshirt, thus my assumption that he is a 49ers fan. They were not remotely prepared for the answer he gave when asked wha the would do with the money.

Just for the heck of it, if you won $800 million, what would you do with it? It's not enough to buy the 49ers, so I'm sorry to say you cannot buy out the York family!