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49ers coaching candidates: John DeFilippo has connection to Chip Kelly

It's still early, but the connection between Browns OC John DeFilippo and Chip Kelly could indicate some possibilities for the 49ers. We break down what it might mean.

The San Francisco 49ers coaching search found itself with an unexpected interview on Friday, as word got around that the team was going to speak with Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. The Browns OC just finished his first season in the role, having previously served extensively as a quarterbacks coach.

Ian Rapoport suggested this was simply an informational interview, but later he had an interesting "random" fact. DeFilippo was originally recruited at the University of New Hampshire by then head coach Chip Kelly. Matt Maiocco tweeted back at him that it did not seem so random, and Rapoport agreed it did not seem so random.

Earlier this week, the Browns granted DeFilippo permission to interview next Monday with the St. Louis Rams. That might explain why the 49ers wanted to get their own interview in quickly. It is entirely possible their interest in Chip Kelly could be coupled with interest in having DeFilippo serve as Kelly's offensive coordinator. There is a lot left to be sorted out before any of this is clear, but it adds a little bit of intrigue.

The 49ers are scheduled to speak with Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson on Sunday, and that's as far as the team appears, at least publicly, in this process. I imagine more names will float out this weekend, but if they really like Kelly or Jackson, things could speed up next week. My guess is we don't have an answer until later next week at the very earliest. A second interview for one or more of the candidates would probably take place, and then we might finally hear an answer. Or, the 49ers figure out their guy and pounce. I don't expect any resolution this weekend.